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7 December 2019  
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First Visa
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First Visa
First Visa
First Visa
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Do you require a visa to visit a European or another country? Why spend hours travelling to London waiting in an embassy queue to obtain your visa? Why not use First Visa Consular Services to act as your agent. We provide a quick, reliable and professional service. Our fees are competitive. Just follow these simple instructions listed below.
1. On the SEARCH facility above, select the country destination that you want to travel, then choose your nationality and the type of visa you wish to apply for. Then click on the search button for results of your search.
2. Proceed to instructions follow Steps 1- 4 Download and complete forms:
First Visa First Visa’s Order Form or Account Holder Form and Country’s Visa Application Form
3. Fax or mail forms and send passport with supporting documents to:
visa agency First Visa Consular Services, Hideaway Workspace (HWS20) 1 Empire Mews Stanthorpe Road, Streatham SW18 2BF London Tel 0208 769 1750, Fax 0208 765 9927. Either attach a cheques for the correct amount or debit/ credit card authorizing full payment.
4. Send documents listed on your search result.
Points to Note
1. Please note that for certain popular destination, there may be limited slots available. For further details please contact the visa helpline or contact us to check availability.
2. We are unable to apply for visas were a country as stipulated Personal Application Only.
3. Spouse of European national can be exempted from the embassy fees provide they provide proof of their relationship e.g. marriage certificate.
4. ** Originals only - Only original visa application forms will be accepted.
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What happens next?- Frequently Asked Questions? Further information please Contact Us
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