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20 October 2019  
USA b1 and b2 visas
USA b1 and b2 visas
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USA b1 and b2 visas
USA b1 and b2 visas
USA b1 and b2 visas

Visa Applications to Nigeria and Immigration Service

Visas to Nigeria

Whether you are intending to travel to Nigeria on business or as a tourist a visa is an absolutely essential requirement. The demand for Nigerian business visas has increased over the years. Nigeria is now one of the most popular destinations in West Afrcia. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and have at least one page that can be stamped when you arrive.

If you are intending to work in Nigeria then a temporary work permit (TWP) will required, and an application must be made prior to your travel.


1. To apply for a Nigerian Visa, you must fill out an application form. The Nigerian Immigration Service now requires you to fill out your application online and to render payment there too. If you are no using a credit card that has not been registered with the Nigerian Immigration Service, then there may be delays in processing your payment. First Visa can prepare your application on your behalf for a fixed fee, avoiding this issue. Please refer to our prices page.

2. If you are applying outside the UK, you must select the right Consulate and your documents should be sent to the Travisa location you have selected on the application.

3. Confirmation of online application by way of the acknowledgment receipt and the payments confirmation receipt must be included in your application as proof of payment.

4. Make sure you include passport photos that are on a plain/white background. They should be 2X2 and in color. 1 photo is required.

5. You will also need to bring a letter of invitation from an individual or company sponsor that has been properly signed and executed. This letter must explain why you are traveling to Nigeria, how long you will be there, where you will stay and must include a note that states that they will accept full immigration responsibility for your visit.

6. You will need to include a letter from your sponsoring company or employer that introduces you and explains your current position and job duties and why you will be traveling to Nigeria.

7. If you intend to work in Nigeria on a short term basis, you can apply for a temporary work permit (TWP). For long term employment you can consider apply for a STR Visa (Subject to Regularization Visa) A number of documents are required for this application, and professional assistance in compiling the bundle should be obtained before submitting the application.

8. Typically it takes less than 5 working days (excluding the submission date) for processing and 24 hours for express service. Collection time for passports after your visa has been issued is after 4pm.

As you can see, visa applications to Nigeria are quite a lengthy process to be approved for a Nigerian Visa. However, once you get clearance, you will marvel in this populous country and all that it has to offer to its natives as well as those traveling for business and pleasure.

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