The heath and care visa is part of the skilled worker route. If you have received a job offer in an eligible occupation your application will be fast tracked. We are here to ensure that your applications proceed smoothly. Below there is a list of eligible occupations . In this category applicants will be exempt from having to pay the immigration heath surcharge and this also extends to family members.

Whether you are an NHS employer or you an applicant who has received a Job Offer call now to discuss how we can ensure your application is expedited.

Annex D – List of Professions that currently qualify for the Health and Care Visa The full list of

The full list of professions, defined by Standard Occupational Classification code, Which would currently for the Health and Care Visa. This list reflects the current skills threshold. The list of professions will be updated in line with the launch of new Skilled Workers route and the expanded skills threshold later this year.

SOC code Occupation
2112 Biological scientists and biochemists
2113 Physical Scientists
2211 Medical Practitioners
2212 Psychologists
2213 Pharmacists
2214 Ophthalmic Opticians
2215 Dental practitioners
2217 Medical Radiographers
2218 Podiatrists
2219 Health Professionals not elsewhere classified
2221 Physiotherapists
2222 Occupational Therapists
2223 Speech and Language Therapists
2229 Therapy professionals not elsewhere classified
2231 Nurses
2232 Midwives
2442 Social Workers
3213 Paramedics