Legalization & Apostille Service

If you are going to use British documents overseas for business or personal reasons for example you have been offered employment overseas and you are no longer resident in the UK, and you need someone to act on your behalf. Or you have a foreign document and you need to verify its authenticity eg divorce certificate. You may be asked to have your documents legalized.

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What does the Apostille/ legalization process involve?

The process involves checking the signature seal or stamp on all documents (s) to confirm it is genuine. Then an Apostille certificate is attached by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to confirm. Legalization is the process of authenticating or certifying a legal document so a foreign country's legal system will recognize it as valid and with full legal effect.

What service does First Visa offer?

  • We can offer a 1 day premium service which will involve your application been submitting in person at the FCO and returned to you the next day by method required.
  • We will arrange for your documents to be verified by UK solicitor/ notary saving you time and inconvenience. 
  • We can go on to arrange for your documents to be courier directly to the foreign ministry of the country of any embassy in the UK
  • Once a document has been appostilised, it must be submitted to the consulate of the country it is required for to be verified. In practice this means that the documents must be certified twice before it can have any effect in the receiving country.
  • We can arrange for documents to be notarized if this service is required.
  • There are no hidden cost all our fees are listed.
Fees Scale
Premium Service FCO fees (Per document) £75.00
First Visas standard fee(per document) £75.00
TOTAL FEES FROM plus postage & packing £150.00
Optional Service
Arrange certifying of document by UK Solicitor     £25.00
Courier services ( price includes submission & collection per consulate/office ) £120.00
Notary services (per document) £95.00
Same day service    £70.00
Courier service starts from £65.00